Makari Exclusive Active Intense Toning Serum


Makari Exclusive Active Intense Toning Serum


The widespread skin problem of hyperpigmentation was observed and researched in-depth by the makers and skin experts of Makari. Existing products related to this skin problem mostly has a chemical composition and leads to reactions on the affected skin. Contrary to this, Makari Exclusive Serum is composed including only natural ingredients. It also supports skin toning for a clear complexion and bright skin.

Contains Organiclarine, a natural lightening agent
Apply twice a week along with Makari Hand and Body Lotion
Supports skin lightening and toning simultaneously
Can be used all over body
Makari Exclusive Serum can be applied to your hyperpigmented skin areas like discolouration, dark spots, scars, acne, dark knuckles and wrinkles maximum twice in a week. Skin experts at Makari recommend using this Exclusive Serum along with Makari Hand and Body Lotion.


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