Fair & White Soap Exclusive Whitener Exfoliating Soap 200g


Fair & White Exclusive Whitenizer Exfoliating Soap, 200g / 7oz


Fair & White Soap Exclusive Whitener Exfoliating Soap 200g

EXCLUSIVE SOAP FORMULA:  Fair & White Soap Cleanses and buffs away dead skin cells, instantly restoring radiance with Apricot Seed Powder, promoting a healthy glow. Smoothes skin texture with It’s hydrating and nourishing Glycerin.

Rich Lather: Forms a cream rich lather between hands and apply to the body as needed. To avoid dryness or irritation, be sure to leave 3-4 days in between exfoliating treatments.

MAXIMISE THE BENEFITS: For more hydrated skin on your body, follow up with Exclusive Body Lotion With Vitamin C. For more hydrating completion, use Original ultra-moisturizing Cream

FOLLOW YOUR SKIN TYPE NEEDS: For sensitive skin, do not exfoliate more than once every Two weeks. No matter what skin type, do not exfoliate complexion more than 1-2 times a week, always allowing 3-4 days between each treatment.


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