MAKARI Baby – 2-in-1 Cleansing Milk 1000mL


MAKARI Baby – 2-in-1
Cleansing Milk 1000mL


MAKARI Baby – 2-in-1
Cleansing Milk 1000mL

For delicate to sensitive skin types

Loved by parents, our best selling 2-inl

Cleansing Milk inf used with Sweet Almond Oi

and Calendula Extract can be used daily as a

gentle body wash or as a dry skin-softening

lotion. This wet / dry nourishing formula

soothes the baby’s dry skin, eczema and any


Features and Benefits:

Makari Baby Cleansing Milk Lotion is a wet or

dry lotion which softens, moisturizes and

cleanses your baby’s skin.

Enriched with calendula and sweet almond


Used as a wet or dry nourishing cleansing


Easy dispensing, tall pump bottle

contents: 33.80 oz

Key Ingredients:

Sweet almond oil, chamomile extract


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