Makari premium body brightening milk 140ml


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Luxury is not limited to any type of skin. Over the years, women of color have sought high-end skincare products designed specifically for their unique concerns. After all, with a special collection by Makari, everyone can get that bright, shiny complexion you’ve always dreamed of. Formulated specifically for dry, mature skin, our powerful special toning milk is enriched with Organic TM, a naturally obtained active whitening agent. Apply nutrient-rich lotion to the skin three times a week, and look like spots, scars, and pigmentation for a fresh, youthful, completely uniform fade. This super-hydrating treatment delivers a nutritious dose of moisture as it lightens the skin in your beautiful shade. To rewind years of environmental degradation and achieve maximum results, Regular use with a full line of Makari’s exclusive Lightning products. What you get 1 x 16.8 oz bottle of special toning milk by Makari A safe alternative to harmful skin bleaching cream Powerful moisture that brightens and heals A luxury lotion specially designed for beautiful black skin! Specs and Detail 16.8 oz [500ml] Contains naturally based Organiclarine TM No chemicals or bleach cruelty free use 1-2x per day 3x per week How to Enjoy Apply to the desired area and massage the face and face Never use around the eyes [body only] Repeat three times a week for maximum light results stretch marks, acne scars, And remove wrinkles. Use makari hands and body lotion on alternate days for healthy hydration. Unveil your bright complexion in less than two weeks! Makari user for the first time: Before using this powerful product try milk that beautifies our body



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