Apetamin Syrup 200ml × 2


Apetamin syrup set of 2 bottles


Apetamin syrup set of 2 bottles

APETAMIN SYRUP contains cyproheptadine, which belongs to the group of medicines called Antihistamines. It is in the treatment of allergic conditions such as seasonal and perineal rhinitis, hay fever, skin rashes, and allergic conjunctivitis. The medicine is also use as adjuvant therapy for serious allergic reactions.

Perennial rhinitis refers to specific allergens that cause an allergic reaction year-round. For example, pet hair or dander, food allergies, medicines, etc. Whereas seasonal allergies typically occur with weather changes or environmental changes such as pollen, insects, moisture, dryness, fungi, mold, etc.

APETAMIN SYRUP is not recommend for debilitated patients above 65 years of age having renal, hepatic or cardiac conditions, with angle-closure glaucoma, stenosing peptic ulcer, symptomatic prostatic hypertrophy, neck obstruction of the urinary bladder, pyloroduodenal obstruction and the elderly with worsened health conditions.

APETAMIN SYRUP must be use in pregnant women only if recommended by your doctor. It is not recommended for use in breastfeeding mothers. This medicine should be used with caution in adolescents and children above 2 years of age only. Consult your doctor before taking it. The most common side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, a high fever, etc. Contact your doctor if any of the symptoms worsen.


Treats allergic conditions in adults and children (above 2 years of age) such as:

  • Seasonal (occurring during a specific season) and perennial rhinitis (occurring year-round)
  • Vasomotor rhinitis (reoccurring inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose)
  • Allergic conjunctivitis (an eye inflammation caused by allergy)
  • Urticaria (hives) and angioedema (swelling beneath the skin)
  • Amelioration of allergic reactions to blood or plasma (allergic severe reactions after blood or plasma transfusions)
  • Cold urticaria (a skin reaction to the cold)
  • Dermatographias (a condition causing raised red lines after a scratch)
  • Adjuvant therapy for serious allergic reactions

APETAMIN SYRUP treats allergic reactions by binding with certain receptors and blocking them from binding with histamine in the body. Histamine is a mediator found in our body that is responsible for causing allergic symptoms (such as inflammation, itching, irritation, etc.) as a response to allergic conditions. Thereby, providing relief from the allergic condition.


Take APETAMIN SYRUP as advised by your physician. Shake well before use. Your doctor will decide the correct dose, frequency, and duration of the treatment for you depending on your age, body weight, and disease condition.



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