QEI + Paris Active Harmonie Lightening Scrubbing Soap


QEI Active Harmonie Lightening Scrubbing Soap

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Toning Purifying Soap, Light complexion and no spots, Enriched with Carrot Oil

Throught its application day by day, you will notice the decrease of the imperfections of your skin which will be lighter and clearer.

Properties : for every types of skin, purifying, regenerating clearing up Soap and staining.

Informations : made according to a traditional process, enriched with carrot oil extracts. Respect the hydrolipidic of the skin, also avoids the risk of drying and craquelure cutaneous. Its formula consists of powerful clearing up natural assets. The soap Efficiency cleans, fed, regenerates, and returns your clear and harmonious complexion.

Tested under dermatological control.


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