Caro white Lightening beauty cream 500ML


Caro White lightening beauty cream nourishes your skin deeply, protects it and gives you a feeling of well-being.

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Caro White Moisturizing Beauty Cream – 500mL Description

  • This nutrient-rich cream is blended with pure carrot oil.
  • Extracts of carrot seed
  • Fair and moisturized in the sun.
  • Its components and active principles are specifically designed to deep nourish your skin, protect it, and give you a feeling of well-being.
  • It helps to wash away excess oil and dirt from the skin. It attracts dirt and oils and allows them to be rinsed from the skin
  • It protects the skin’s natural barrier against water loss and helps support the skin’s protective barrier.

How to use the Cream:

Cleanse the skin

Apply a thin layer of the cream onto the skin until completely absorbed.

Gently massage in small circular motions with fingertips.

Use it daily on your face and neck after cleansing as part of your skincare routine.

For best results, repeat the application at least twice a day with 7-day magic soap. or Caro White Lightening Soap

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and use it


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