Camille Rose Fresh Curl Revitalising Hair Smoother 240ml



Camille Rose Fresh Curl Revitalising Hair Smoother. Specially designed for those with kinky, coily and curly hair types, each product is packed with a blend of essential minerals and vitamins, delivering moisture and definition to lacklustre curls.

Ideal for styling or detangling, this creamy lotion is perfect for refreshing your curls between wash days. Enriched with Organic Avocado and Castor Seed Oil, the formula deeply penetrates the hair follicle with hydration, locking in moisture to nourish the tresses. This helps to fight frizz and banish dryness, revealing defined curls that are full of bounce and volume. Also infused with essential fatty acids, the cream strengthens the hair’s natural barriers, protecting and repairing the follicle while forming a moisture seal so that your hair can hold hydration for longer. Richly fragranced with Peach and Guava, the styling cream leaves your hair wonderfully scented as well as soft and shiny.


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