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White secret lighting set…



White secret lighting set of 5


White secret lightening body cream contains ingredients proven to enlighten your skin and remove blackheads and spots! also contains vitamin E that treats pigmented skin and rashes, and prevents the reappearance of dark rashes!

After the first application the effects will become visible yo

ur skin will be more luminous, and your day more unified!

White Secret Body Lotion/Cream is a nourishing and moisturizing product for the skin. Here are some key details about this body lotion/cream:

Size: It comes in a 320ml bottle, providing a generous amount of product for regular use.
Formula: The lotion/cream contains Vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties and ability to nourish the skin.
Nourishing: It helps to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
Moisturizing: The lotion/cream provides long-lasting moisture, helping to prevent dryness and maintain healthy skin.
Suitable for the Body: It is specifically designed for use on the body, allowing for all-over application.
Skin Benefits: The presence of Vitamin E can contribute to improving the overall condition and appearance of the skin.
Usage: It can be applied daily or as needed, massaging gently onto the skin until fully absorbed.
Hygienic Packaging: The lotion/cream comes in a bottle with a secure closure, ensuring the product remains fresh and easy to use.
Suitable for Most Skin Types: The lotion/cream is generally suitable for most skin types, but individual sensitivities may vary.
Fragrance: It may have a pleasant fragrance, providing a subtle scent upon application.
Trusted Brand: White Secret is a well-known brand offering skincare products, ensuring quality and reliability.
The White Secret Body Lotion/Cream with its Vitamin E content offers nourishment and hydration for the skin. Its generous size, moisturizing properties, and trusted brand make it a suitable choice for those seeking a body lotion/cream to maintain soft and healthy skin.


White secret lotion, cream, oil, spots corrector cream and soap

treating discoloration and dullness on your face and body? No worries, the White Secret lightening body cream is a solution to all your problems! Light in weight, it penetrates deeply into the skin for long-lasting moisturization and hydration.

  • White Secret lightening body cream works for treating discoloration and dullness in the body
  • Enriched with the goodness of vitamin e and other skin-loving ingredients, the body lotion results in the whitening of the skin along with an even and smooth texture
  • Made using skin-loving ingredients for long-hour hydration
  • Loaded with antioxidants that regenerate and re-energize dull skin for a youthful glow in just 5 days
  • Whitens The Skin: The White Secret lightening body cream is all you need this season to welcome an even-toned and healthy-looking glow. Loaded with skin-loving ingredients, the body lotion when massaged gently into the skin results in a bright complexion and prevention of skin issues like pigmentation and dark spots


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