QEI + Paris Qualite Extreme Intense Soapprivilege with Caviar Pearl


Qei+ Paris Qualite Extreme Intense(privilege with Caviar Pearl)


Qei+ Paris Qualite Extreme Intense Soap(privilege with Caviar Pearl)

Exfoliating Lightening Soap – Privilège Caviar 

Privilège with Caviar Pearl Toning Purifying Soap 7 Oz

Light complexion and no spots with Caviar Pearl

Properties : for every types of skin, purifying, regenerating and satiny clearing up Soap.

Informations : QEI + elaborated the soap Privilege enriched by

all the variety of the benefactions of the sea and by the pearl of caviar. Its formula consists of powerful

assets natural toning.

The soap Privilege cleans, fed, regenerates, and returns your clear and harmonious complexion.

Product without hydroquinone , complies with European cosmetics regulations.



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