Kuza Gro Aid Medicated – 4oz



When your hair calls for the conditioning treatment, Kuza Gro Aid Medicated answers it. Now give your hair the best nourishment and moisturizing therapy so that not just your hair but your scalp thank you.


Kuza Gro Aid Medicated is made specifically to cure hair problems. This medicated hair and scalp treatment conditioner soothes your hair and prevents extreme dryness. It penetrates deep inside your dry scalp to treat dehydration and relieve it from irritation and dryness. It contains eucalyptus leaf oil and camphor that soothes your scalp and gives extensive strength to the hair. Kuza naturals gro-aid helps to reduce breakage and give your hair extra strength.


Key features 

  • Conditions hair and scalp
  • Soothes your scalp
  • Give strength to the hair
  • Relieve irritation of the scalp and cure hair problems


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