Clinic Clear Body lightening Lotion 500ml



Clinic Clear Body lightening Lotion 500ml

Clinic Clear is designed to nature the skin. It is a multi-function whitening body care cream that unifies, corrects, protects, brightens and hydrates your skin in one step. This lightening combination contains natural fruit extracts, which encourages skin cell renewal. It equally moisturiZes the skin, eliminates blemishes, blackhead, pimples and gives the skin a flawless tone.

Clinic Clear also helps to radiant and unified the skin; its protects against premature sings of ageing with its natural content, leaving the skin to its original form.Softens the skin and gives a beautiful even-toned complexion. The formula helps by fading away dark patches and age spots. Apply generously to hands, heels and other parts of the body. 


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